Center for Entrepreneurship Development

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, a joint venture of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, Govt. of India and Govt. of Haryana was setup in HIPA in the year 1997-98. The basic objective of the center is to assist the State Govt. in formulating policy and planning for Micro and Small industries and to promote entrepreneurial environment as an integrated package, with direct participation of different agencies at various levels to put state on the map as a force in India's growing entrepreneurial eco-system.

The major activity of the center is to organize EDPs of various duration on regular basis to create new entrepreneurs by cultivating their latent qualities of entrepreneurship and in lighting them on various aspects necessary for set up micro and small enterprises.Besides its core activity of training, center takes other supporting services like research and consultancy, extension education, publications, information sharing etc.



The CED shall be consolidated as demand driven high quality and flexible training centre, capable of providing relevant training programmes to satisfy the need of practicing as well as prospective entrepreneurs and other stakeholders it serves; and to prepare young people for successful entry into job as entrepreneurs.


In order to translate vision into reality and to develop the Centre as "CORE" by operating at highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency, following actions are taken:

Developing 'Invisible Leadership' among established as well as prospective entrepreneurs; Channelising youth power in creation of wealth through entrepreneurship, an important means of empowerment and development; and

Striving for excellence and organisational integrity by continually reviewing its programmes and processes to improve quality and efficiency

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Dr. Devendra Singh

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
HIPA Complex, Sector-18
Phone No. 0124- 2340413, Fax no. 0124-2348452