Seminar and Workshops

S.No Title Date
1 Second Administrative Reforms Commission” Refurbishing of Personnel Administration” 30-09-2014
2 Mid- Career Interaction between Armed Forces and Civil Services Officers on "Drug Trafficking" 25-08-2014
3 State Workshop on Approach and Methodology for Implementation of DRR project in Haryana 27-04-2014
4 Security of Women in NCR 25-05-2013
5 Seminar on Water Management in Haryana 01-09-2012
6 Workshop to familiarize officers/men of police and Women & Child Department with Juvenile Justice (care and protection of Children) Act-2000 02-08-2012
7 Seminar on Electoral Reforms- Challenges Before the Nation 19-07-2012
8 Seminar on Empowerment of Urban Local Bodies 07-06-2012
9 Seminar on Media and Governance 16-09-2011
10 National Workshop Regional Consultation for Preparation of State Urban Housing and Habitat Policy and State Level Action Plans 20-11-2010
11 National Workshop Addressing the Adverse Sex Ratio in Haryana(“Effective Implementation of PNDT/MTP Acts”) 31-08-2010
12 Seminar on Public Private Partnership 24-02-2010
13 Seminar on Water: Managing the Problems 22-01-2010
14 Seminar on The Right To Information Act 22-09-2009
15 Workshop for Owners of Service Providers 10-08-2009
16 Seminar on Good Goverance: Transparency and Accountability 21-07-2009
17 Seminar on Sensitization to the Issue of Child Labour 12-06-2009
18 Seminar on Human Rights : Issues and Concern 21-04-2009
19 Seminar on Domestic Violence: An Issue of Concern 19-03-2009
20 Seminar on Global Economic Crisis: It’s Impact on India 20-12-2008